Shrug Dance (FO!)

Yay!  I can now say I’ve made my first sweater!  Here it is, the mosaic version of the Baby Shrug:

Mosaic Baby Shrug

Yes, there are qualifications … it’s not adult-size and it’s for charity so I didn’t have to make it to fit a particular person.  But it’s a start!  I did that with socks too.  Found patterns for baby socks that included the standard heel flap and gusset and learned with them.  Here’s where I only did one sock  just to figure out what was going on.  I went and messed with the cuff (can’t leave anything alone, hah!) but other than that, it’s the North Country Sock pattern.  It’s nice to have something that you can approach as an experiment and then see a final result after only a bit of time (including all the do-overs and head-scratching).   Next time, there may be a need to get a good fit, perhaps some buttons (buttonholes??) and at least I have some shaping, trim-adding and seam-sewing under the belt now!

But what about the hole?  Well, the only solutions for a dropped stitch that I could find were either “use a crochet hook to work it back to its rightful place” or “frog back and redo it”.  Since  the dropped stitch was right in the middle of a bound-off piece, that was just not an option for me.  Another suggestion was “if it’s near an end to be woven in, use the weaving to hold the lost stitch in place”.  It wasn’t, but even if it was … this is a multicolored sweater and chances are that the ends wouldn’t match the area around the stitch.  It turns out that the dropped stitch was in one of the solid colored areas of the sweater (whew!) so I found a length of yarn of the same color and duplicate stitched to the loose one, grabbed it, and did a few more duplicate stitches.  I hope that will be secure enough.  It looks OK.  Another lesson: learning to accept leaving a mistake in if it’s likely that no one else will notice it …


1 Response to “Shrug Dance (FO!)”

  1. 1 loosepurls February 29, 2008 at 4:15 am

    How cool! A finished sweater, and fancy too…colors, patterns, etc. Congrats!!

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