No Sweat(er)!

I’ve gone out and bought yarn for one.  More.  Than.  Once.  I started one and it became a UFO.  Bottom line: no sweater.  I want to make a sweater, dang it!  To get over this hump, I thought I’d make a smaller project.  One that’s been described repeatedly by other happy knitters as “easy” and “quick”.  The Baby Shrug from Debbie Bliss.  It will be my first project that requires picking up stitches for trim and sewing seams, both tasks that I’ve been avoiding learning … and this from someone who tackled this:

 Drooping Elm Lace Scarf

 after only 3 months of knitting!  So anyway, the Baby Shrug really is easy so far!  I started it last night and would say I’m at the 40% point already:

Mosaic Baby Shrug

After looking at every other example of this pattern at Ravelry, I must say that this is the most dramatic version.  And it’s definitely the only one with a mosaic pattern!  It wasn’t really deliberate, it’s just that I wanted to use available yarn. The intended recipient wants bright colors and wool, so those criteria pointed to this yarn in my stash.  Actually, the mosaic was added spontaneously … as I was knitting, I became concerned that my one skein of Patons Classic Merino Wool in the Wedgewood colorway wouldn’t be enough to finish the project.  The decorative band (also Patons) will hopefully make it a sure thing!  One interesting note:  this is the back of the sweater, which is knit in one piece (the sleeves are begun, they’re stretching up out of the picture).   When I get to the decorative band on the front it will be knitted from the other end (last row knitted on this side will be first row knitted on that side).  Luckily, this pattern looks the same upside down.  That was happy coincidence, and thank goodness for that!!

In other knitting news, I used the same criteria of “bright-colored wool” to make these mittens:

Lion Wool Mittens

The stripes may look familiar, that’s leftover from the Basketweave Scarf … the mittens, the scarf and the sweater are all targeted for Botswana (see this post).  The mitten pattern (sans stripes) is from Elizabeth Durand, who urges that it be used for charity whenever possible!  Unlike the mittens I made for myself, these will fit on either hand.  Good for kids, I hear.

I’ve also made progress on hubby’s Ladder of Life Toe-Up Socks:

Ladder of Life Toe-Up Socks

I’ll perhaps devote a whole post to these later, because there has been more learning!  (Hint: the left sock looks a smidge smaller than the right, no?)  Right now, the shrug is providing a sock break; when I finish it, it will be time to tackle the heels on these.


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