Wanna Know ’bout Botswana?

Well, I only had one WIP going and that won’t do, so I started some more stuff:

Details came in on the Botswana project, a local grassroot-ish effort to send knitted items to children at an orphanage there … they’d be happy to have warm woolen items, so I started this scarf.  The call is for bright colors, so I’m knitting with a magenta and yellow yarn held together.  Each square is about an inch per side and I’ll knit until the yarn runs out.  I have about 2 feet done already, hope to get 4 feet altogether!  In the meantime, the baby blanket I started for the same project is coming along:

This is a synthetic yarn but it seems as if it will be warm too.  I went looking online for Botswana art as inspiration and I ran into a picture of a beautiful handmade basket that inspired the above pattern selection.  I can’t find it anymore, but here is a wonderful web site with many gorgeous baskets to gaze at.  One of these, by artist Nashira Thinkongo, is similar to the one I had seen before:

I also read about another very intriguing group called the Odi (or Oodi) Weavers, who are internationally known for their tapestries.  I’m dying to know more about them … couldn’t find any pictures of their work, dang it!  Here are pointers to a few pictures I did find, though:

skeins of wool yarn drying

brightly colored yarn

woman at spinning wheel

I don’t know much about Botswana, but these tiny glimpses at how fiber art plays a role in the lives of some there have helped make the connection go in two directions for me, isn’t that great?

Oh, I also started a pair of socks for hubby:

I’m not using a pattern for these, this could be a mistake!  I’m suspecting the toe is too pointy; I’ll see if I can get hubby to try it on tomorrow (it should be a couple of inches longer than what’s seen in this picture by that time!).


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