Keeping Score at Home

Gah!  Wrong button!!  (Edit: I “published” an empty post.  OK, my mistake has been corrected.  Oy.)

Not an auspicious start, but “March onward!” as more than one Revolutionary War general has shouted while in this neck of the woods …

Ahem. When we left off yesterday, I had triumphantly completed the task of winding two hanks of sock yarn into tidy center-pull cakes.  But I was hesitant to insert my new yarn meter into the process; frankly I was intimidated by the literature.  I mean, the first thing you see when you open the box is a card advising you to call the shop and ask for help before succumbing to the urge to ship the item back … so my first thought is: “Ummm, am I going to have trouble?”  In short: no indeed!   Actually, I think the card achieved its purpose: I read the literature thoroughly and followed the instructions carefully and the meter works just fine.  I did give up on trying to clamp things to my round dining room table though.  In order to feed the yarn in a straight line from the meter to the winder, I had to clamp them at right angles to each other.  A side table in the dining room served the purpose well:


(Thin hardcover cookbooks make nice table protectors, by the way.  I think children’s story books would do well too!)

I successfully wound a center-pull skein, noting its measurement on the ballband and then wound it a second time to see if the number came out the same (it did, yay!).  I don’t care if it’s all that accurate as long as it’s consistent.  That is, I’m happy to do relative measurements … if I measure my yarn in “eegies” then if a ball of yarn is 340 eegies and I want to split it, I would wind out 170 eegies and cut.  Fine with me!  I expect to learn how many eegies I need to make a pair of socks for me and how many more I need to make some for hubby.  Meters?  Yards?  Whatever!

Speaking of dividing yarn … I immediately ran to my stash and dug up the hanks that are big enough to make two socks.  With my new policy of knitting two socks at once (to avoid the dreaded SSS), I’m going to want that yarn in two pieces.  I left the swift on the dining room table and used my left hand to feed the yarn into the meter fairly straight (you don’t want too much of an angle), gave it a whirl … worked great!  Here’s the whole setup:


I didn’t actually cut the yarn this time, just measured it and wrote the numbers on the ballbands.  When I’m ready to do the socks, I’ll run off half that number. (That leaves flexibility, should I decide to use the yarn for something else!)

And, since it’s just so darn pretty, here’s a gratuitous picture of my Great Adirondack Yarn Company Silky Sock, “Balsam” colorway:


I had one other question on my mind; there was a note in the instructions that came with the yarn winder regarding lace weight yarn.  It was suggested that the yarn be kept on the winder spindle (it can be removed from the winder) and pulled from the outside end when knitting.  Well, sure, if you want to put your winder out of commission every time you knit some lace!  For me, that could be months or years, ha ha!  Do you suppose they sell extra spindles?  That would be nice … in the meantime, half a toilet paper tube fits over the spindle and doesn’t seem to affect the process:


One remaining question … where can I store all of this paraphernalia (particularly the swift) when it’s not in use?  Gonna be puzzling over that one for a while …


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