Birthday -Cakes-

Today is hubby’s birthday and I unwrapped and played with a present for me!


This is the Beka Yarn Swift, which I purchased at Paradise Fibers (after seeing the video of it in use, I was sold on it).  The yarn is Memories from Knit Picks in the “Fly Fishing” colorway (no longer available, I believe).

It was actually hubby’s remarks that caused me to order some knitting gear … as documented in one of my early posts here, I’ve been considering getting a swift for some time and when I mentioned it recently, he noted that we sometimes spend as much as that for greens fees at a nice golf course.  “Well, yeah?!”  He also observed that I had enough for such a purchase in my “personal expenditures” budget (he’s a CPA).  “Hey, you’re right!”  And then he actually agreed with me that trying to estimate how much yarn is in a ball by weighing it is, well, just not very accurate (CPA, remember?).  “Dang! How have I managed to continue knitting under such circumstances??”  (What an enabler hubby is.)

Needless to say, my personal expenditures budget is no longer what it used to be.  There’s the birthday thing too, you know!  Along with dinner out on Saturday, he’s getting a nice homemade dinner tonight with something chocolate for dessert and an extremely cool but useless Klein Bottle, made by Cliff Stoll. (Name sound familiar? He wrote The Cuckoo’s Egg, an engrossing book about computer espionage.)  If you’ve ever knitted (or considered knitting) a Moebius scarf, a Klein Bottle will probably be interesting to you.  I think the web site is hilarious, in any case!

It was just a coincidence that I happen to have received all this stuff for me this week … but YAY!  The yarn swift was easy to assemble and works just as advertised.  The ball winder works great too, though it doesn’t clamp so well to a round table.  Not a major issue.  It took less than two minutes each to wind the two hanks of yarn.  Doing it manually took 30-120 minutes per hank, depending on yarn weight and whether I got all tangled up.  The whole setup was thoroughly intriguing to Baloo, only of mild interest to Bagheera (see in the background):


Some time in the next day or two, I’ll update my “Knitting Lingo” page with some associated terminology … for example, the word “cake”!  I’ve also held off on trying out my new yarn meter.  Thought I’d better get the hang of the other items first …


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