Oh wait, it’s ’08!

Argh!  I think it will be February before I get used to writing ’08 instead of ’07!!

In the meantime, knitting for the new year is off to a great start, much inspired by ravelry.com.  In ongoing newbie-knitter mode, I’ve joined the Thrifty Knitters Sock Club (a ravelry forum which uses free patterns and whatever yarn you have or would like to use) and am tackling the Cabletini Toe-Up Socks.  I’m almost overwhelmed by all the useful sock-knitting tips that have been shared so far; I think my learning curve just did a hockey stick (in the good direction)!  These socks will be my first toe-ups, and that lead to trying Judy’s Magic Cast-on.  Yessss, a little magic is always appreciated!  I thought a solid color would show off the pretty texture of the cables, so I went with a fern green yarn.  I don’t know, maybe there was also a subconscious longing for verdure at this wintery time of year?  Well, it turns out that the pattern and yarn have combined to produce …

Cabletini Toe-Up Socks

Alligator noses?  Ha ha ha ha!!  I think it’s fantastic!  It also occurred to me that these will be a blast to wear on March 17th.  (Sign seen in local Irish pub: “Who’s your Paddy?”)

Another inspiration is the Mindful Knitter’s forum … knitters interested in mindfulness and knitting (and combining them!) have been posting their intentions every month and I like the low-key but supportive atmosphere.  One knitter recently mentioned that she would like to do more knitting for others.  What a great intention!  In response to a request on the City of Knitterly Love forum for some charity knitting, I had decided to make a baby blanket and inspired by the Mosaic Knitters forum, it will be “Band 43” from BGW’s book:

Swatch for Mosaic Baby Blanket

I’m now thinking that I would like to have one project for charity on the needles at all times.  It will probably be this blanket for a good part of this year unless my knitting gets faster in the near future … Here’s the actual project:

Mosaic Baby Blanket

And they said that ravelry would kill the blogging habit … lol!


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