It’s that period between Christmas day and New Year’s day when it’s still kind of a holiday, but not really.  Lots of people are taking vacation, but not everyone.  I imagine that plenty are doing the annual gift-return dance.  Those who received hand-knits are stuck with their gifts, though I guess they could ask another knitter to unravel and make something different for them!  Helpful social tip: wear your hand-knit at least once in front of the person who knit it first!!

We traveled to see family in Florida and I got in a round of golf and to try kayaking for the first time:


I can claim that I saw manatees too, but it’s a stretch.  Strictly speaking, we saw manatee nostrils.  The rest of the bodies were underwater and if we inadvertently approached they went deeper!

On the knitting front, I took along the fixin’s for the Plait Cable Hat and it’s now an FO!  This hat is intended to match the mittens and scarf already documented on my Free Patterns page, and so it does.  I don’t like a close-fitting cap, so I was experimenting with alternatives.  My first test (with spare yarn from the scarf) was a hideous attempt at a ruffled brim.  It was so not-good, I backed off to the tried and true: a roll-brim hat:



 I apologize for the pictures, the hat doesn’t fit all that well on the bowl … there was some heavy ad-libbing going on at decrease time and it shows.  After I clean that part up a bit, I’ll give this hat a big smiley-face and write up the pattern!


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