Time for some Boggling

I amazed a non-knitter this weekend by noting that over 15,000 stitches would go into the small, decorative scarf I was making.  I think he gained a new appreciation for what it means to receive a hand-knit gift, ha ha!  He was similarly impressed that the small ball of yarn I was using was 440 yards in length.  If it were stretched out, it would be over four football fields long!  He was a tad skeptical, but I happened to have another hank of the same yarn with me and the tag was still attached.  There it was: “440 yards”.  (It’s especially effective if you do this with lace-weight yarn!)

And then I got to thinking about the numbers myself.  I finished documenting my stash in my Ravelry notebook, exported it to a spreadsheet (how cool is that???!?) and calculated the total yardage. Drumroll … 7639 yards!  Or about 4 1/3 miles.  I’ve only been buying yarn for about a year so I know my stash is comparatively small, but wow!

So, what’s a “healthy” amount of yarn to have in the stash?  No more miles of yarn than you could walk in one day?  A week?  A month?  Just wondering!

Once again, I don’t have an appropriate knitting picture to illustrate today’s post, so here’s a nice dramatic vacation photo (this is from Lecce in southern Italy):

Lecce Gargoyles


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