A Swift Deliverance?

I sit here, gazing at a lovely hank of Knit Picks Shadow “Sunset Heather” and thinking about how it will be a couple of hours before I can get started with Christmas Lace Scarf Project #4.  I actually did start it with a different yarn (Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud “Moss Heather”) but learned that my skills are not yet a match for such a fine yarn.  It could be that sharper needles would help too, ha ha!  Anyway, I did an experimental swatch with Shadow in the “Campfire Heather” colorway and this yarn is definitely a match for the pattern and my ability.  “Campfire Heather” is reserved for Chistmas Lace Scarf Project #5… a more challenging pattern, so I want to save it for last.

So, time to brace up for the tedium of hand-winding this yarn into a ball.  Actually, I have no problem with the winding part … converting skeins of worsted weight merino into balls?  Not a problem!  But hanks tend to get all tangled up and then there’s an extra hour of working through the mess I’ve made!  Fuzzy yarns are the worst (alpaca, mohair) and if they’re laceweight?  Argh!  Hubby has already warned me that he won’t sit and hold his hands out (What’s with that?  Isn’t he supposed to be a helpmate?  Chuckle! ) so now I’m considering buying a yarn swift.  I truly hesitate to buy gadgets and nifties unless I’m pretty sure I’ll get serious use out of them.  Will have to surf around for comments and opinions about swifts before going ahead … and in the meantime, it’s a Sunday afternoon of Up Close and Personal with this hank of yarn!


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