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Swiss Fan Lace Scarf Pattern

Here is the pattern, as promised:

Swiss Fan Lace Scarf

This scarf knits up very quickly!  It requires only one ball of worsted weight yarn (edit: I used Patons Classic Merino)  and the 4-row lace pattern is easy to memorize.  In order for the lace pattern to “fall” the same way on either side of the neck, I knitted the scarf in two pieces.  The seed stitch border makes it difficult to graft the pieces together seamlessly, and I don’t think it’s necessary.  Just bind off each piece and sew them together … that part will always be at the back of the neck anyway!

Comments or questions?  Feel free!


Plait Cable Mittens Pattern

Here it is, my first attempt to capture an original pattern in PDF format.  I tried to keep good notes, but could have missed something.  If you have questions or discover an error, please let me know!

Plait Cable Mittens

I have plans for a matching cap and scarf, need to knit them first and then I’ll write them up.

I was sick recently and not up to working with fine yarn, so to keep the knitting chops up I made a small decorative scarf in worsted weight and a simple pattern.  It’s drying now, after blocking.  I’ll post a nice picture and pattern later, but for now here’s a quick peek:

Swiss Fan Preview

The Mitten Experiment (Results)

OK, here they are!  A pair of mittens — both left and right — and they fit and look great!  As soon as I figure out how to do it, I will post the pattern.  I also have plans for a matching hat and scarf (those will be easy, hah!).  In the meantime, here’s a picture:

Christmas scarf number 4 is also underway … it will be a combination of “Swiss Fan” and seed stitch.  It’s not big enough to warrant a picture, but is looking nice so far!

Grapevine Lace Scarf

Yesss!!  Another scarf ready for Christmas!  (You got it, the purples in this yarn influenced the pattern choice.) Details are in the comments on Flickr … no time for a long post today …

The Mitten Experiment (resumed)

Sheez, I now have a third left-hand mitten!  This one includes more style modifications and also some more experimenting with size.  I used larger needles (#8) and added 3 stitches to the circumference (original glove: 30, second glove: 33, this one: 36).  It’s still a form-fitting mitten but now it doesn’t feel too small.  Oh, and while browsing knitting books in the library I learned that some people say “gore” instead of “gusset” when referring to the thumb expansion area.  Both are a triangular insert, not sure if there’s any other distinction between the terms … OK, now it’s time to move off the leftover Wool-Ease and do (gasp!) a Right Mitten with the intent of actually weaving the ends in and wearing it in public.  I have a strong feeling that I’m going to end up with two coordinating-but-different mittens.  No law says they have to match, hey?

That reminds me: after looking at me working with 5 needles (4 for knitting, one for the cable) and one stitch-holder for the thumb, hubby says if I want to add any more implements I might have to get a permit.

Here’s mitten prototype #3 (yes, there are mistakes I didn’t bother to correct!):


Silk-Alpaca Scarf

Whew!  Done at last!  I’m not a fast knitter, so this took a while.  But it was worth it … after blocking, it looks great:

Oh, finished the mosaic swatch too … that was easy!



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