Bits of Knitting Everywhere!

When I first started knitting, I was pretty linear.  I started a project and worked on it until it was finished.  Oh, I might have been thinking about the next project ahead of time … but there was no overlap.  Hah, those days are over!  In addition to the Mitten Experiment (now in a resting stage), I have two lace scarves and a mosaic swatch going.

All in all, there are going to be five lace scarves which will find themselves resting in pretty wrapped boxes under the Christmas tree.  Theoretically.  One scarf is done (“Vine Lace Scarf” in Flickr pix) and I have another going with the same yarn (“grapevine” lace pattern).  I was 2/3 finished with it when I realized that the scarf was getting looser and wider.  I guess I was getting looser; I’m pretty sure I was not getting wider!  Anyway, I ripped back to a good start-over point.  I must say, that dampens enthusiasm for a pattern pretty quickly!  So, that scarf is resting to allow the pattern to regain its allure.  In the meantime, I started another scarf.  This one is with the finest yarn I’ve tried to date, which is a challenge!  To top it off, it’s several colors and I didn’t like the way the first several patterns I tried worked with it.  The first (“crest of the wave”) was too open; with the multiple colors, it was just too busy.  The second, (“cloverleaf eyelet”) wasn’t really a lace.  I’m working with “openwork diamonds” now and it looks like a winner!

Finally, there’s the mosaic pattern.  It’s in regular worsted weight wool.  I wanted to try Patons Classic Wool and I wanted something relatively easy to work on when I’m kind of tired. (Lace?  I don’t think so!)

kk1  kk2  kk3

The lace will look lots better when it’s blocked (I hope)!


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